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14 October 2022

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"Elder Martial Brother Situ," said Master Xia, "no wonder you've been so badly injured that none of these rebellious disciples have ever come to see you. Unexpectedly, he is now not only willing to degenerate, but also left behind the kindness of your master and disciples for twenty years! How can such an elder with the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog be a man? As soon as the words came out, everyone's disgust for Yue Qian went up to a higher level. Szeto was in a hurry and spat a mouthful of black blood. Cao Gengwu wanted to send him back to the city for self-cultivation, but he waved him back. I'm afraid I'm worried that Master Situ won't die fast enough. It's Master Xia. The mouth is as sharp as a knife, and it stabs people's hearts. Ye Gui really admires such deep affection. "Hum, Master Bao's words are serious.". Do you think such a clumsy plan to alienate people will work? Headmaster Xia was open and aboveboard and completely unmoved. "What are you talking to him about?" Asked the Tang landlord? Now that Bao Jiu has appeared, if you don't do it now, when will you wait! Where are the disciples of Jiu Ming?! "Yes!" "On my command, kill from the left!"! For example, no one in the Demon Sect is left! "Yes!" As soon as the landlord of the Tang Dynasty called for a hundred responses, the disciples of Jiuminglou started their work, and then the Fanyin Pavilion was unwilling to follow. The major sects chose a direction to besiege the Demon Sect one after another. The religious leader? Seeing that the enemy was approaching, but Gou Liang had not yet ordered an attack, Nian Nu Jiao asked for instructions. People who die are not in a hurry. Why are you in a hurry? Gou Liang put down his teacup and smiled in the sound of shaking the world. Then he took off the white jade flute tied to his waist, flew up,steatite c221, touched the tip of the sunshade umbrella, stroked the flute and said with a smile, "You have really chosen a good place.". Do you know what is the most in this desert? On his flute lips, the first rhythm sounded, and Jiang Lao's face changed greatly. Stop it all! Stop it! It's Lingxi Fengming! No one knows better than Lord Ye what kind of sound attack Lingxi Fengming from Lingxi Qinpu is! "Disciples of Sanskrit Sound obey orders and play the Falling Phoenix Xiao Yin," she snapped! Everyone else,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, back up! There is a touch of black approaching the horizon, and the sound of flapping wings is getting louder and louder. Gou Liang injected internal force into the sound of the flute, which went far away, but the effect of the Sanskrit Sound Pavilion was so weak that it could not stop them from approaching at all-until everyone saw clearly that besides poisonous bats, there were also poisonous bees and vultures in the sky! What is more terrible is that poisonous snakes, poisonous ants, scorpions, centipedes and other animals on the ground come out one after another and rush towards the desert city. Not to mention other people, even the Ten Thousand Poison Gate, which is used to the Ten Thousand Snake Array, is frightened by it. But the city wall is responsible for the command of the summer master and the elders of various factions, as well as the wounded stay behind Situ Changtian face is a big change. When the poison army surrounded the desert city heavily, the sound of the flute turned. Yin Chop Lingxi! Nephew Ye, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin heater, stop! Jiang Lao shouted again. But it was too late, and Lord Ye could only bring his own disciples to fight with the sound of the harp. The melodious sound of the flute reached the ears of others with a beautiful and lingering rhythm, but it was a roar in the ears of the attacked Lord Ye and others, who resisted each other for only a moment, and the strings in the hands of Lord Ye and Zhu Fengyi were broken one by one. When the strings were broken, they could not resist the powerful attack, and they were immediately hit far away, spitting blood at the mouth, and their faces were pale. Gou Liang put down the flute, and then someone dared to go down to the gate tower to take Lord Ye and others back. He looked at it with a contemptuous smile and then raised his hand. A Bat King landed on the back of his hand. Little pit. "Just as well." Gou Liang handed Yue Qian an unobtrusive look and poked the clever Bat King with his flute. Then he opened his lips and whistled a few times, and the bat suddenly led a group of bats away. In a short time, he grabbed a tall horse and threw it into the ant colony. In an instant, the horse screamed and was gnawed by the marching ants, leaving only a pile of skeletons. There is nothing like killing a chicken to make an example of a monkey! Looking at the astonished people of the right path, Gou Liang said with a smile, "You are so courageous to choose to oppose me in the General Altar of my Demon Sect.". I just don't know.. Are the people you brought here enough to feed these little things? No matter how soft the sound of bats and bees flapping their wings was, countless pieces of darkness gathered together, and the sound was like a drum, which was terrible for a moment. Even Xia Headmaster, who had been clamoring the most before, could not speak at this time. "How do you know my Jiang family's" Lingxi Qin Score "?!" Said Old Jiang with hatred. The profundity of Lingxi Qin score is that it can resonate with all living beings, even command all things, confuse people's minds and use it for oneself. The most shocking thing for Jiang Lao is that Gou Liang's skill has been practiced into a ten-fold "Lingxi Qin Score"! You should know that apart from the ancestors of the Chiang family who created this method hundreds of years ago, even the descendants of the Chiang family with the highest talent can only barely practice to the fifth level, and those like him who have no talent in melody can only practice to the first level now! Gou Liang turned the jade flute and said with a smile, "Of course, someone gave me the music score of Lingxi." "Nonsense!" After Jiang Suxi married into the Nanshan Sword Sect, Situ Changtian threw it into the endless cliff behind Nanshan in front of everyone, where no one could go down at all. Therefore, there is no other person in the world who knows the art of Lingxi except him and his granddaughter, and his granddaughter has. Gou Liang did not answer, but a female voice sobbed out: "Grandpa!" " Old Chiang and Szeto Bai were all shaken. One of them, with swaddling clothes in his arms, came out from among the followers of the Demon Sect. He lifted his black hood and looked up and cried, "Grandpa!"! Husband! "Suxi." "Suxi!" Unlike Szeto Bai's disbelief, Jiang Lao had impulsively rushed down the gate tower. "Old Jiang, wait a minute!" Master Xia shouted! The Hehuan Sect is proficient in the art of transfiguration. Don't be cheated by them! Chapter 81 Papaya Flavor Big Brother (19). "You're talking nonsense!" Seeing that Jiang Lao really stopped, Jiang Suxi shouted excitedly. Gou Liang said with a smile, "The transfiguration of the Hehuan Sect?"? Master Xia knows it very well. Yes, she and this child are what I used to deceive the old man,Ceramic Bobbin, since you have seen through. Nian Nu Jiao, take her down. At least she has the same face as the first beauty in Jianghu. The male disciples in your school must like her very much. "Yes, Master." What do you want?! Let go of me! 。 global-ceramics.com  

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